Here is why you do not need a mobile app!

Here is why you do not need a mobile app!


We live in an increasingly fast, dynamic, ever-changing world. That makes innovations have an increasingly clear focus on performance, intelligence, and experience. And that’s why Progressive Web Apps got to exist.

Previously, there was a big difference between web and app solutions, but the PWA of today offers a strong mix between a website and a native mobile app. Their pros are quite a few compared to native apps, especially for entrepreneurs:

Usually Cost 3-4x Less

(up to 4 times cheaper) and faster to create (We usually build such apps for less than a month) while you get the same outstanding experience. Because PWAs combine a web page and an application, they eliminate the need for a website, at least two application versions for iOS and Android, and the resources to maintain and update each version. You can have one single codebase for various platforms, not just the two popular platforms. You can access your PWA on both desktop and mobile devices while maintaining a performance comparable to a native app.


PWAs are searchable on search engines like Google, which gives your apps extra visibility compared to traditional apps. They are identified as “applications” and are indexed by search engines, just like websites are indexed.

Very Secure

They are secure, very secure. PWAs run under HTTPS. These security protocols ensure that no exchanges between the client and the server are tampered with. In a secure environment, customers can enter personal details and credit card information without the worry they might be stolen.

Don’t Require Installation

PWA requires no App Store or installation. With a few clicks, your users can have your app on their home screens without spending time searching for it on the App Store, which also means you do not need to meet the annoying App Store requirements to get your app available to the public.

They Offer The Same Great Experience

PWAs (if built properly) can offer the same great user experience as all regular apps available on the app store, your customers won’t make any difference, the experience will be even better because they can still access the app from their home screens but it takes no space on their device.

The advantages of Progressive Web Apps are clear and promising: You don’t have to download or install them. They have a wide range and are careful with data.  PWAs offer the same great experience as traditional apps but are much more cost-efficient and are usually the best solution for entrepreneurs looking to get a mobile app.

If you curious to learn more or see some real life examples, just send me a message and I’ll send you some examples that’ll just blow your mind 🤓 

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